Water consumption per person per month

Cases of application of the standard

Government Decree No. 354 clearly states and defines the conditions under which the calculation of fees for cold water supply must be carried out according to standards.
For this there must be the following reasons:

  • there are no individual cold water metering devices in the residential premises, but their installation is technically possible;

  • there are no individual cold water meters in the residential premises, but it is impossible to install meters for technical reasons;
  • Cold water meters are installed in the residential premises, but their verification period has expired.

The standards in these cases are legally defined and specified in the relevant legal acts.

Formula for calculating payment with increase factor

In case of violation of the law on the obligation to install a meter (the technical capability is available, but the device is not installed), no penalties are provided. However, when calculating payment for consumption, a special increasing factor is applied. Accordingly, the payment amount is calculated by multiplying the water consumption rate per resident by the number of registered people, the tariff in force in the region and the increasing coefficient. In accordance with Government Decree No. 603, in 2019 this coefficient is 1.5 - that is, the actual payment for water increases by one and a half times.

A similar calculation of water consumption is also applied if there is a meter, but the time for its verification is overdue. In this case, there is no guarantee that the water meter’s computing mechanism is working correctly, and therefore the flow rate is calculated according to current standards.

Average consumption of cold water

The law of the Russian Federation (Resolution No. 354) regulates the procedure for providing the population with cold water supply. It is there that all the formulas used when calculating charges for cold water are spelled out. Using calculations, the amount of water that an average person spends in one month was determined.

This figure is stated in the documents and amounts to 6,935 cubic meters. – this is exactly how much the state has budgeted for the average citizen’s expenses for a comfortable life. By region, these figures may differ from 4 to 7 cubic meters.

This volume takes into account needs such as:

  • water procedures in the shower (30 l/day);

  • morning and evening toilet (200 l/week);
  • water for flushing the toilet (200 l/week);
  • water procedures with bath filling (200 l/week);
  • other daily needs (200 l/week);
  • general needs around the house - both necessary (cleaning platforms, stairs, etc.) and unauthorized (leaks, accidents, etc.).

The total amount is quite large. In order to encourage the population to install meters for consumed resources, the use of a multiplying factor was prescribed by law. It is used when citizens have the technical ability to install IPU. But the upper limit of the coefficient is limited and is no more than 2.

The standard is taken into account for people registered in an apartment or house, including those registered temporarily or registered but not actually residing. If no one is registered, then the homeowners are taken as the basis.

The specified document (Chapter VI, paragraph 42) provides formulas for calculating consumed resources when:

  1. It is not technically possible to install the IPU. Formula: C = k * N * T, where k is the number prescribed, N is the monthly consumption rate, T is the tariff (specific to the region).
  2. You can install the IPU or the meter verification period has expired. Formula: C = k * N * T * coefficient, where k is the number prescribed, N is the monthly consumption rate, T is the tariff (specific to the region), coefficient is the increasing factor (2019-2020 - 1.5) .

Also, the state additionally and separately takes into account the water consumed in private houses for watering their garden plots. If there is no meter in such a house, then the citizen is obliged to pay for water supply in a fixed amount for the corresponding period of time.

Methodology for calculating water consumption standards

The rationing of cold and hot water supply, wastewater disposal, as well as the rules for calculating other utilities to the population are regulated by government decree No. 354, in Appendix No. 2, section 1, paragraph 4a, signed in May 2011.

Document for downloading and reading the resolution: Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 354

Tables of standard costs (SNiP 2.04.01-85): Internal cold and hot water supply systems

This document uses standards developed back in Soviet times based on actual measurements of water consumption by the population. A flow meter installed in the basement of the house made it possible to determine the amount of water used by residents in the apartment building. It turned out that every month one person consumes the following amount of water (in liters):

  • taking a shower – up to 900;
  • cooking - up to 90;
  • washing – about 100;
  • hygiene procedures, washing dishes and other operations under running tap water – up to 200;
  • flushing the toilet and unexpected expenses - up to 500;
  • taking a bath - about 800 (if 4 times a month, on average 200 liters per session).

The average figures were divided by the actual number of residents. As a result, average fixed payment standards were approved, depending on the number of people registered in an apartment or private house.

Cold water supply

The cost of cold water supply for the population is calculated using the formula:

Tskhv = n*N*T*K,


  • n – number of people registered in the apartment;
  • N – consumption standard for one person;
  • T – the size of the regional tariff, depending on the cost of supplying water to a house or apartment;
  • K – increasing coefficient assigned by utility organizations to calculate the payment amount.

Note! The size of the increasing coefficient is approved at the regional level; it cannot be more than 2.

It is estimated that about 7,000 liters of cold water are consumed by one person every month. The following factors influence the amount of consumption:

  • climate of the region;
  • seasonal changes;
  • used household appliances;
  • technical condition of shut-off valves;
  • personal habits and lifestyle of people.

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It has been confirmed that in warm climates, cold water is consumed more intensively than in cold climates. The situation is similar with the seasons.

Water consumption increases when the water taps and flush tank in the toilet are not properly sealed, and when wasteful plumbing and household appliances are used.

Hot water supply

According to statistics, the volume of hot water consumed is half that of cold water. The average monthly consumption rate for hot water supply is set at 3 thousand liters.

A separate payment for hot water supply is due to the fact that additional resources are used to heat water, requiring appropriate compensation. In addition, different organizations provide water heating and supply, which requires separate payment from consumers.

Water disposal

Depending on the region, the norms for this indicator are set in the range from 13 to 36 cubic meters per month. The tariff is set regionally and takes into account the characteristics of local infrastructure and the amount of wastewater disposal costs.

How many cubes per person by region?

Legislation (Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 210) provides for the right to adopt tariffs and consumption standards at the regional level. These indicators depend on the territorial characteristics of the region and take into account the following positions:

  • climatic features of the region;

  • seasonality and related changes;
  • income level and availability of household appliances among the population;
  • technical condition of utility networks;
  • people's way of life, traditions and habits.

Also, the price may be influenced by the resource supply organization by location. You can find out tariffs and standards at the city water utility service.

The table shows data for houses connected to central networks (multi-apartment and private) in some Russian cities:

CityCold water supply
cubic meters for 1 person rub. for 1 cubic meter
Saint Petersburg8,4831,58
Nizhny Novgorod6,7419,04

An example of calculating cold water at cost for a resident of the Samara region registered in an apartment building:

Registered – 1 person. The consumption standard is 7.9 cubic meters. Tariff – 27.1 rub. Coefficient – ​​1.5. 1 * 7.9 * 27.1 * 1.5 = 321.135 rubles. A citizen living in an apartment building without a cold water supply system will have to pay.

Calculation of water consumption in apartments where metering meters are not installed

The methodology for calculating water consumption in multi-apartment buildings (MCD) is associated with such additional points as the presence of:

  1. Faucet in the apartment.
  2. Bathroom.
  3. Bathroom.
  4. Other factors.

In the case where a person or family lives in a private house, an additional item will be the use of water for irrigation purposes.

Consumption table according to SNIP 2.04.01-85

For private residential buildings

At the regional level, standards for the use of cold water for irrigation are also determined.

If the owner of a private house does not have meters, then it is important to take care in advance of the correct execution of the contract with the resource supply organization.

According to the above law, calculations include:

  • number of acres owned
  • consumption standard,
  • tariff established in the region,
  • increasing coefficient (if it is possible to install meters).

Full information on tariffs and standards used to calculate irrigation fees in each specific region can be obtained from the customer department of the city water utility.

An approximate table of values ​​for some regions of Russia:

CityStandard, cubic metersTariff, rub.
Saint Petersburg0,1331,58

For example, for a resident of a private house in the Samara region, charges for watering a garden will be calculated as follows: 100 sq.m. (1 hundred square meters) * 0.09 (standard) * 31.6 (tariff) = 2,844 rubles. If it is possible to install meters, then this amount will be multiplied by another 1.5 (increasing factor).

The law also stipulates that the resident must himself submit documents confirming the number of acres used for a vegetable garden, the presence or absence of greenhouses, animals and other details of the use of a free plot of land. The watering season in each region is set individually.

Features of water supply rationing in rural areas

The supply of water to private houses in rural areas is subject to rationing in the case of centralized water supply to consumers by utility companies. It is possible to assign a separate payment if there is a water stand on a public street.

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It must be taken into account that water is additionally consumed for watering the garden, therefore, in the appropriate season, if there is no water meter in a private house, a separate fixed amount is assigned for these needs.

If residents of the private sector do not provide water supply centrally, including installation and maintenance of systems, utility standards are not applicable in this situation.

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