Agreement on donating shares to children for maternity capital
Agreement for the donation of housing shares to children when purchasing with maternity capital
Author of the article: Lina Smirnova Last modified: January 2020 4355 Donation of residential real estate acquired
Who should carry out insulation of interpanel seams?
Who should repair interpanel seams in a house?
Residents usually have many disputes with the management company, which may be related to the most
How to make a statement to the housing office regarding dampness and mold in the apartment?
Why do you need a document? By law, a service agreement implies the execution of one
Do I need a receipt to receive a tax deduction?
Home / Bankruptcy of an enterprise / Sample receipt for receipt of money for an apartment for the tax authorities
Agreement for free use of non-residential property
Agreement for free use of premises: briefly about the main Free use of non-residential premises, despite the absence
Disabled child and property tax
Over the past decades, in Russia and in the world there has been a trend towards increasing the number
Donation agreement for a share of a residential building
Features of donating a share of a house Contents Donation is a gratuitous transaction, according to which the owner of the property
Power of attorney for payment of utility bills
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In 2021–2025, it is planned to gasify 412 settlements in the Leningrad region
Regulatory acts A subsidy (payment, benefit, compensation) is considered to be a certain amount, which in its essence
How long can electricity be cut off by law?
Suspension of water supply does not mean that the debtor may not pay the resulting debt. The supplier has
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