Technical certificate
How to register a car without documents
The technical passport for the house is of great importance. Without this document it is impossible to legalize the construction, translate
Where and how much housing will be built in the coming years, what can large families expect, and who will receive a certificate for an apartment from the President. What do you remember about Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to JSC MAPI?
What is social hiring To understand what social hiring is (hereinafter referred to as SN)
Preferential queue to receive a voucher to a sanatorium
Legislative principles Rules for the allocation of health subsidies The foundations of regulatory regulation in this area are laid by the Federal Law
Certificate of legal capacity when selling an apartment: how to get it, where to apply. Procedure and sample certificate
A certificate of legal capacity for a notary is not a mandatory document, since this fact is confirmed
How to exchange an apartment for a private house? The procedure and nuances of such an exchange
How to exchange a house for an apartment with an additional payment
Legal nuances of real estate exchange Rights and obligations of citizens when making real estate exchange transactions,
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Registration of a newborn by proxy
Registration of a child in the MFC Up to 14 years of age, a child can only be registered in
How to rent housing on social rent in Nizhny Novgorod
According to statistics, in Russia about 20 million citizens live below the poverty line. For
Re-registration of a permanent residence permit to another person
Features of DDU and other assignment agreements Let's consider how to correctly carry out both stages so that
Is it possible to register without greenery?
Rights of a person registered in a private house We will start with a story about what rights
Discharge a grandson from a privatized apartment
How to remove a minor grandson from your apartment? (I am the owner) This is decided through the court. You
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