If your hot water meter is broken, where should you contact?

Differences in breakdowns of DHW and cold water devices

Both types of flow meters fail for the same reasons.
But the main difference between a breakdown of a domestic hot water meter and a malfunction of a cold water device is the greater number of possible causes. DHW flow meters break down more often because hot water passes through them. It is more aggressive in composition than cold. Such meters are exposed to high temperatures, which reduces their overall service life.

Attention! Once damaged, DHW flow meters usually cannot be repaired. They need to be completely replaced with a new device.

What could be the reasons for malfunctioning water meters?

Knowing how to handle such devices, the consumer can try to restore the device’s functionality on his own. But, first of all, it is necessary to determine the cause of the malfunction. It's possible:

  • due to depressurization of the housing;
  • in case of unqualified installation of the device resulting in a misalignment of the water meter insert or failure to comply with the direction of water movement and rotation of the impeller;
  • due to an old water supply network, leading to rapid clogging of the filter or blockage in the system itself;
  • if the counting mechanism of the device breaks down;
  • due to user intervention in the operation of the counter mechanism;
  • due to temperature parameters of the liquid exceeding the values ​​recommended by the manufacturer.

Having submitted a written statement about the malfunction of the device, you can begin to replace or repair the water meter. Repairs carried out by specialized organizations will cost no less than a new device. Unless of course the warranty period has already expired. The devices are under warranty and can be repaired by the manufacturer at his own expense. But, it is better to demand a new replacement device.

As always, if the measuring device fails, the owner will have to prove that he had nothing to do with it. That is why you will have to invite a plumber from the housing department to inspect and remove the device. Further, an examination of the device may be required, which will also fall on the shoulders of the consumer. In most cases, the owner, having documented the failure of the device, replaces it at his own expense. These actions are given 30 days from the date of filing the application.

The difference between hot and cold water meter malfunctions

The hot water meter most often breaks down due to blockages in the pipes or elevated temperatures. The cold water device does not start if there are leaks that have not been repaired and there is external interference - attempts to influence the readings.

Important! To prevent the water meter from stopping and to prevent blockages in hot and cold water pipes, it is not recommended to leave taps open while waiting for the water to turn on. Also, during outages, it is advisable to turn off the main taps.

What is considered a breakdown?

The regulations contain complete details of the process of working with hot and cold water meters. This means that the text examines possible problems in the operation of devices and the reasons for them. Thus, paragraph 81 (12) contains the following options for meter failure:

  • not displaying data;
  • violation of the integrity of fillings (quite common);
  • mechanical damage to parts or equipment housing;
  • measurement error deviation exceeds the permissible limit;
  • expiration of the device's service life without verification.

Attention: the owner of the premises in which it is installed is responsible for the integrity of the equipment.

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 6, 2011 N 354 On the provision of utility services to owners and users of premises in apartment buildings and residential buildings.

External signs of damage

All devices and mechanisms may stop working for some reason. Even unpretentious and reliable ones, such as a water meter, sometimes stop giving correct readings. Even if its needle rotates, there may be clear external signs of a device malfunction. The sooner the owner or tenant of the residential premises pays attention to them, the sooner it will be possible to find a way out of the situation. So, the hot water meter is broken. What to do?

Make sure your conclusions are correct. It is necessary to repair or replace the device when it is discovered that:

  • during the accounting period, water consumption indicators unreasonably increased or decreased sharply;
  • the behavior of the dial indicator when the taps are opened looks clearly abnormal - it either rotates with noticeable delay, or in the wrong direction, or does not move at all;
  • The indicator glass is cracked or fogged up. This means that something caused the depressurization, as a result of which the obtained indicators cannot be trusted. You will have to find and fix the breakdown.

Metering devices should be inspected externally more often. Sometimes a simple external inspection can help identify a malfunction at an early stage, when the device has not completely failed.

What caused the breakdown

On average, such devices operate for up to 12 years - deviations from this value are affected by the characteristics of a particular model.

Proper operation requires inspection every 5-4 years . If you do not do this, your water bill may be too high or other problems may arise.

When a device breaks down, you first need to determine why it happened . Externally, this may manifest itself in the fact that the hot water meter stops spinning or incorrect data is displayed on the sensor.

There are several reasons that underlie the breakdown. Let's take a closer look at them.

The unit is not installed correctly

This is one of the common reasons why the torque element stops and the meter fails. Immediately check how the water meter is installed: if the devices are swapped, the device has stopped working due to a violation of the temperature regime. The abbreviation SVG or SVKh indicates which pipeline a particular device is indicated for.


The situation often arises after repairing water pipes. Then this suspension rises up the floors and clogs the equipment in the apartments. As a result, the water pressure drops noticeably and the impeller of the device stops.

The solution to the problem is to clean the filter.

  • Let's turn off the shut-off valve.
  • Remove the cover from the filter and remove the mesh.
  • Carefully clean the element with a sharp knife, then rinse it from dirt.
  • If a special cartridge works instead of a strainer, replace it with a new analogue.
  • Before putting the components back, first apply pressure and wait until all contaminants come out.
  • Let's dry the parts and put them in reverse order.

Attention! To avoid future blockages, turn off the main taps and do not open the faucets while the water is turned off.

Water is supplied under too much/weak pressure

A large pressure disables the impeller, and a small one rotates it at a low speed, which also creates the impression of a malfunction. To make sure, you need to measure the water meter readings when opening the tap to the maximum.

If there is a problem with the impeller, the meter, even with good pressure, will not change the displayed data. Low pressure is usually caused by a blockage in some part of the pipeline, although there may be other reasons.

Both breakdowns require calling a specialist . You can find out where to call in the directory.

Tampering with the device

Failure due to interference with operation is also possible. In an effort to save money, users often install magnets that stop readings. The result is demagnetization and breakdown of the rotating mechanism.

We try to eliminate the problem by lightly tapping the body with our palm . In simple cases this helps.

The pipeline is clogged

One of the popular reasons for the water meter to stop is that the water flow often contains mechanical impurities that can clog filters. As a result, the impeller does not spin.

How to fix:

  1. disassemble the device;
  2. clean and rinse the filter mesh;
  3. assemble and put the water meter in its original place.

The method for cleaning the filter depends on the type of equipment . Usually the mesh is removed after removing the filter - some models have special cartridges for convenience.

It must be borne in mind that only a specialist with permission to break the seal has the right to carry out repair actions.

Also, for a new sealing, an inspector must be called. To find out where to contact, look for the housing and communal services service reference number.

The elements of the device have exhausted their service life

The water flow passes freely, but the arrow or digital rollers remain motionless. This raises the question of why the hot water meter does not spin. It is possible that parts of the meter may either break down or the rotor malfunction.

In any case, it is better to contact the installation company or, if the unit is under warranty, a service center (at whose expense the equipment should be replaced, it is indicated in the warranty card).

You won’t be able to fix the problem with your own hands, without the necessary equipment.

An attempt to slow down the counter caused problems.

Owners often try to slow down water meters with magnets, needles and other devices, without thinking about whether a magnet could cause the water meter to break.
All such manipulations lead to the stupor of the counting element and failure of the entire unit.

Avoid such actions, and your meter will last a long time, and there will be no fines from inspectors.

Depressurization occurred due to temperature changes

In this case, as a rule, water begins to drip and the glass fogs up..

The first thing to do is turn off all the taps and take readings. After 2-3 hours, the readings are measured again - if the data is different, then the seal has been broken.

To prevent water leakage, simply tighten the couplings.

Foggy glass cannot be fixed so easily - the water meter will have to be completely replaced, because, among other things, you will not see how to charge water.

Temperature standards for hot water were exceeded

Check the flow temperature periodically. The maximum threshold is +90C. If the water meter is under warranty, its repair/replacement is paid for by the manufacturer, which is noted in the contract .

Causes of water meter malfunction

The procedure to take when meters break down depends on the specifics of the cause. If water meter readings have increased noticeably in the last month, this could have been caused by installation errors. It is also possible that there are other causes of failure that cannot be corrected with your own hands.

Depressurization of the meter

Two signs indicate depressurization: the glass fogs up and water leaks near the meter. To exclude other causes of failure, it is necessary to shut off the pipeline, record the current readings of the device and wait 2-3 hours. At the end of the specified period, you need to turn on the water and check the water meter again. If the readings have changed, you should check the taps and pipe connections for leaks.

If leaks are detected, the couplings must be tightened. Similar problems arise due to a broken stopcock.

The water meter will need to be replaced if the indicator glass fogs up.

Incorrect installation of the water meter

Installation errors are the main cause of premature failure of water meters. The manufacturing company indicates on each device which pipeline the water meter should be connected to (SVG - hot water, SVKh - cold water). The devices are designed to withstand a certain temperature. Therefore, the SWH water meter, which is installed for hot water, fails over time.

Clogged water pipes

Blockages in water supply systems are considered a common cause of meter failure. Moreover, more often problems arise with the supply of hot water, which contains various foreign inclusions. You can determine the presence of a blockage by looking at the impeller of the device: in such cases, the latter begins to spin faster.

In order to save money and increase the service life of water meters, it is recommended to install a filter on the hot water supply pipe. This product consists of a flask, inside of which a fine mesh is placed, and two pipes located at the top. This filter needs to be cleaned periodically, which requires several steps:

  1. Turn off and drain the water.
  2. Using a spanner, unscrew the upper pipes.
  3. The mesh is removed and cleaned.
  4. All parts are dried and installed in place.

There are specialized filters that simplify the cleaning process. Such products are equipped with a cartridge, which should be replaced with a new one when clogged.

Water pressure

The operating mode of the meter depends on the speed of water flow. If large diameter pipes are used, the readings on the water meter change faster. Insufficient pressure will lead to the opposite situation: the meter will stop spinning. You need to pay attention to this nuance when troubleshooting.

Breakdown of the counting mechanism

If the above reasons are excluded, but the readings on the water meter do not change, then the problem may be hidden in a broken mechanism. This is confirmed by the absence of blockages and a stationary arrow. The rotor or counting mechanism can fail. Troubleshooting such problems will require specialized services. You cannot carry out repairs yourself without the appropriate skills.

Problems with the counting mechanism also arise due to the end of the working life of the device.

Tampering with the water meter

Trying to save on utility bills can lead to serious problems.

Intervention in the operation of the water meter, carried out to change the readings, contributes to the failure of the device.

It is not recommended to use such solutions. Installing magnets and other options for changing water meter readings will not only provoke a breakdown and, as a result, additional costs, but will also allow regulatory authorities to impose appropriate penalties.

Water too hot

Current regulations stipulate that the temperature of hot water should not exceed 75 degrees. In this case, minor deviations from this indicator are acceptable. Water meters are designed for temperatures up to 90 degrees. However, sometimes utility services, for certain reasons, allow a significant deviation from the specified norm. And if the hot water temperature exceeds 90 degrees, then the risk of meter failure increases sharply.

If a breakdown is detected that is not related to unlawful actions of the consumer during the warranty period, the manufacturer must replace the device free of charge.

What to do in case of breakdowns?

Water meter failure can occur in various forms. More often than not, the impeller on the meter stops rotating. A leak may occur at the location of the water meter.

The meter often depressurizes and begins to fog up from the inside. Water meters may also start spinning in the opposite direction. Each type of breakdown has its own procedure.

Where to go if the water meter stops working?

If the hot water meter is broken, it needs to be replaced. The consumer must immediately report a breakdown of the water meter to the management company. You should contact the management company that maintains the house. The requirement is recorded in paragraph 81(13) of the Government Resolution dated May 6, 2011, number 354.

The consumer is given a 30-day period to repair or replace a broken DHW flow meter. This period is calculated from the day the water meter became faulty. The requirement is specified in paragraph 81(13) of Decree No. 354.

The consumer must also immediately transfer readings from it to the management company immediately after identifying a breakdown of the flow meter. During the period of its replacement, utility bills for hot water will be charged according to the standard.

Usually the management company is notified orally of a water meter malfunction. It is enough to call the company or visit it in person. Representatives of the management company usually ask to provide a passport for it when replacing a device.

The consumer's passport may be required. In a number of criminal codes, the consumer is asked to fill out an application to replace a faulty flow meter.

Consumers have the right to independently dismantle a broken flow meter. But this procedure should only be carried out in the presence of a management company employee. This requirement is stated in paragraph 81(13) of Resolution No. 354. The consumer must notify the management company in writing of the intention to dismantle the water meter at least two working days in advance.

Reference. Self-installation of a DHW flow meter without the presence of a management company employee is permitted if the company was notified of this, but did not send a representative on the day specified in the notice to monitor the process of dismantling the device.

If the water meter is installed by an employee of the management company, then he arrives at the apartment, dismantles the faulty device, and installs a new one.

In this case, a report on the breakdown of the flow meter must be drawn up . After fixing the new device, it is sealed.

It is mandatory in all cases, even if the water meter was installed by the consumer independently.

The sealing procedure can only be carried out by a representative of the management company. Based on its results, an act is drawn up. It confirms the commissioning of a new, working flow meter.

Sealing of water meters is free. The management company has no right to demand payment for it. The service will be paid only if the consumer has previously violated the integrity of the seal.

The requirement is recorded in paragraph 81(14) of the Resolution under number 354. The costs of purchasing and installing a new water meter are borne by the consumer. But if the device is under warranty, then its replacement is free for the consumer.

What to do if it leaks?

If a leak occurs at the location where the DHW flow meter is fixed, it is recommended:

  1. Inspect the water meter and make sure that it was the cause of the leak.
  2. Call or personally visit the management company, reporting the malfunction.
  3. Receive a company employee who will inspect the device, repair or replace it.
  4. Sign the work acceptance certificate.
  5. Sign the water meter sealing certificate.

If you have good knowledge of plumbing and practical experience, you are allowed to disassemble the water meter yourself if there is a leak. But for this you must first notify the management company.

Often water meters leak due to loose gaskets . In such cases, they require replacement. In this procedure, the water meter is removed and then installed again. After the work, you need to call a management company employee to reseal the water meter.

What to do if you get foggy?

If the water meter fogs up from the inside, it is recommended to have it repaired.
You should not try to shake off condensation from it by tapping the glass. This can completely damage the water meter. It is necessary to contact the management company with a request to send a mechanic to inspect the meter.

If necessary:

  1. the management company employee will remove the water meter;
  2. will carry out the necessary manipulations;
  3. will install it back or replace the old water meter with a new one.

After this, it will need to be sealed.

What if the water meter starts to rotate in the opposite direction?

With this type of failure, you cannot try to restore normal operation of the device by applying a magnet to it. Don't knock on it.

You must immediately call a plumber from the management company. In such cases, the meter is always dismantled and often replaced with a new one. Also, an additional check valve is installed on the water meter.

After dismantling and installing a new device, it must be sealed . This procedure is also carried out only by a representative of the management company. When a new device is sealed, the consumer is given a passport for it.

How to return a filling

After installing the hot water meter in place, you need to write a new application to the Criminal Code. The document form is also free. It contains the following information:

  • the header is similar to the one above;
  • the main text should contain: a description of the work performed;
  • please seal;
  • date and signature.
  • Important: the new water meter will have to be taken to the Criminal Code for verification.

    What to do if the water meter breaks down?

    If your water meter breaks down, you need to find out the cause of the breakdown and what to do about it. The type of breakdown will determine the result - replace the device or repair it. It is possible to repair the meter in an apartment yourself without involving plumbers or a management company. There are several techniques that are not described in detail on the Internet. I’ll tell you what steps you need to take to avoid overpaying for appliance replacement services and utility bills.

    Many people advise you to immediately run and write a statement to the manager that the meter is out of order. But here you will face the headache of recalculating readings and paying according to standards without meters. If you do not submit your testimony on time and submit it after 2-6 months, then there will be more problems.

    If you read further, you will learn how to repair cold or hot water meters, where to go and in what case. What documents are needed and how not to damage the seal, and you will also learn how to repair a water meter yourself. To begin repairing water meters, you need to make sure that the taps are in working order. After all, if the meter cannot be repaired, then it will be necessary to shut off the water and remove the water meter with subsequent replacement.

    Procedure for replacing meters

    The issue of broken equipment is resolved in the following sequence:

    • The owner contacts the management company.
    • At a predetermined time, an employee of the management company comes, records the fact of the breakdown, and removes the seals.
    • The user purchases a new device, installs it (either independently or with the assistance of a professional) and registers it with the Criminal Code.
    • The called master puts the fillings.

    Important! If the previous water meter was under warranty, then it is possible to shift your costs for the new acquisition to the company.

    But an examination will be required to show that the product was handled correctly.

    Regularly monitor the serviceability of the device to avoid overpaying for the resource. At the slightest suspicion of a malfunction, do not hesitate to resolve the issue. This will save you nerves and money.

    The hot water meter does not work: what to do?

    If a malfunction is detected, it is necessary to take measures to eliminate it as soon as possible. If there is no recording of consumed water readings, the user will be transferred to the general tariff plan. That is, the calculation will be carried out in accordance with the average statistical standards of water consumption per person. The amount may be several times higher than the monthly fee.

    The following steps will help avoid this:

    1. It is necessary to contact the Criminal Code or the relevant district service in order to confirm the presence of a breakdown and remove the seals.
    2. Then a decision is made regarding the advisability of repair work or replacement of the device. If the meter is under warranty and, according to the examination, it is proven that it was handled properly, repairs or replacement will be carried out at the expense of the management company. Otherwise, the breakdown will be repaired using your own funds.

    Why is it necessary to monitor the serviceability of metering equipment?

    The above government resolution deals with disputes between providers and consumers of services. The use of faulty equipment allows utility companies to legally collect additional funds from a citizen. Moreover, the latter are not a fine.

    The logic is this:

    1. The citizen is obliged to pay for the resource consumed. This is taken into account by a specialized device.
    2. If the water meter is working properly, then the bill is issued according to the readings.
    3. If there is no equipment or it is faulty, then consumption is calculated according to the established norm per person registered in the apartment.

    Most families use much less hot and cold water than is required. Consequently, recalculation will lead to a significant increase in the amounts in the payment order.

    What happens if the controller detects a breakdown?

    According to the standards, control inspections of water meters are carried out no more than once every three months. If a problem is discovered during the inspection, the utility company will recalculate consumption according to the norm. They will be based on the date:

    • sealing (if done recently);
    • last check.

    Each of the operations is accompanied by the drawing up of an act. The specialist will look at the consumer’s file and determine the last time the device was in working order. From this date recalculation will be made (for 3 - 6 months). It will be impossible to prove the illegality of such an operation.

    What happens if utility workers discover a breakdown?

    If the meter breaks down and you don't contact your management company, there could be problems. They may charge more cubic meters in utility bills. When they come to check and notice a non-working water meter, they will make a calculation according to the standard from the last date of transmission of the readings. If you took your readings six months ago, and the meter worked fine all this time. Then you will have to pay the standard for 6 months. After this, you will have no way to prove that it was working all this time. The management company can meet you halfway and turn a blind eye to this and believe you.

    Therefore, I recommend submitting your testimony on time. This way you will find out exactly what month it failed. If the metering device fails, you can contact the management company for a replacement or order services from plumbing companies or private owners.

    In order to find a good specialist inexpensively, you can leave a free and confidential application in the online service. By leaving a request, all interested specialists will answer you and offer good prices and counters. You can also read my review and analysis of the meters we installed for our clients. That's all, but if you have questions or additions to the article, you can write in the comments. I will definitely respond to the comment and add any reliable information.

    The old meter was removed - what next?

    A new one must be installed in place of the old water meter. All this can be done with your own hands, except that you cannot remove the fillings. To avoid any related problems, it is better to trust the specialists. Then, when the new meter is already installed, you need to register it. If you do not do this, you will have to continue to pay according to the average tariff schedule, so contact the utility service, which could attest to the fact that the meter is installed correctly and install new seals.

    Management company employees will testify to the fact that the water meter is faulty

    The cause of the malfunction is often attempts to stop the meter

    Meter readings may depend on water pressure

    This is what a clogged filter looks like

    The cause of meter failure may be incorrect installation


    From this video you will learn how a water meter works:

    Today, in every apartment or house you can find meters, and often of different types: for water, gas, . Almost any convenience is calculated using metering devices. In cities where there is a hot water supply, two water meters are installed - cold and hot water separately. But, what if you find that your hot water meter is broken and don’t know what to do, we will provide some tips.

    The water meter is broken - what to do?

    It is not difficult to recognize a breakdown of the meter - when using water, the counting mechanism stops turning. This happens when the device is initially defective or depressurized, resulting in water or steam getting inside and causing a breakdown. If the water meter breaks down, we recommend that you take action without delay, otherwise the utility services will calculate cubic meters for you according to general standards. And this, as practice shows, is extremely unprofitable. Moreover, if it turns out that you hid the breakdown for a long time, you may be fined.

    If we talk about where to go if the water meter breaks down, then this is the organization that installed the device in your apartment, or the local health department. Usually the problem is solved by removing the meter, checking it and replacing it with a new or repaired one. If you have a current warranty, replacement or verification will be free. If the warranty period has expired, you will have to pay for repairs or a new meter.

    Regarding such a sensitive issue, if the water meter in a rented apartment breaks down, then the first thing again is to notify the responsible organizations, and then the owner himself. It is in our interests to resolve the problem as quickly as possible so that we do not end up having to overpay. The cost of installing a new meter will have to be decided with the owner, at his expense, in half, or at your expense, but with a deduction for the rent. The owner may not care and pay the tenants for hot water.

    The meter records the amount of water used by the residents of the house or apartment.

    Installing a meter reduces water bills by 2-3 times.

    From the article you will learn how the meter works, why it fails, how to repair it, and how to choose and install a new one.

    Who pays for hot water meter repairs?

    An individual hot water meter is the property of the apartment owner. In addition, according to Part 5 of Art. 13 of Federal Law No. 261-FZ of November 23, 2009, owners of premises in apartment buildings are responsible for the installation and operation of indoor meters. Therefore, the apartment owner will have to pay for the repair of the meter. However, if the meter is new and the warranty period has not yet passed, then the manufacturer must provide a new, working device free of charge.

    In addition to installing and repairing the IPU in the event of a malfunction, the apartment owner must ensure timely verification of the device. The frequency of verification is set by the device manufacturer. Information about this must be indicated in the technical data sheet of the product. If the owner of the IPU missed the deadline for verifying the device, then its readings will be considered invalid, and the consumed utility resources will have to be paid according to the standards adopted in the region.

    Replacement and installation of a new water meter

    Replacing and installing water meters is carried out by representatives of utility services. Each device is sealed before use. The seal number is reflected in the corresponding act, which is drawn up after installation of the device. That is why the described work is performed by authorized persons.

    When purchasing a new water meter, it is recommended to inspect the product for external defects. The seller is required to put a stamp in the device passport, date and personal signature.

    Final Tips

    Any breakdown of the meter can only be repaired with the knowledge of the utility service. The consumer benefits:

    • monitor the health of the equipment independently;
    • proactively warn public utilities about violations in its work;
    • take action to eliminate faults;
    • monitor the integrity of the seals.

    Following the above recommendations will allow you to save money and avoid entering into unnecessary, obviously losing disputes with service providers.


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